Mayan Immersion (Altun Ha) & River Cruise

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Tour Description 
Visit the majestic Mayan temples then see the realities of life at an authentic Mayan Village.

Altun Ha was once a major trading center to the Maya world and its grand temples were the scene of ceremonies and sacrifices. Famous rulers were buried at Altun Ha and a very large jade sculpture depicting the Sun God Kinich Ahau was discovered by archaeologists many years ago.

Your tour visits this famous Mayan city but also features a cruise on the nearby Olde Belize River, the primary waterway for trading and transportation utilized by the Maya. Along the lush banks of the river you will see a wide variety of wildlife and birds.

The realities of Mayan life sets in as you visit an authentic Mayan village where the working class lived. See their dwellings and learn how they trapped animals and fish, then use clay ovens to cook their meals. Learn the medicinal benefits of plants, herbs and spices, and sample original Mayan cuisine. The highlight of their traditional culinary expression is the cooking of a whole pig in the ground, today known as Pibil.

Important Notes 

Tour Timetable
0:00 1:15 Meet guests at the pier and transfer to the Altun Ha site
1:15 1:30 Restrooms and orientation
1:30 2:30 Guided tour of the Altun Ha site
2:30 3:00 Transfer to Grace Bank for river boats
3:00 3:15 Restrooms and board river boats
3:15 4:00 Guided wildlife river cruise en route to Rainforest Adventure Zone
4:00 4:45 Lunch at Rainforest Adventure Zone’s Mayan village
4:45 5:15 Leisure time at Mayan village
5:15 6:00 Transfer back to Belize City
General Information
Net Price $38 Adult Transportation Coach, river boat
Duration 6 hours Air-conditioning Yes
Maximum 160 Tour Languages English, Spanish
Minimum 40
Refreshment Fresh fruit, nachos and bottled water

What To Bring? 

• Insect repellent
• Sun protection
• Cash

What to Wear 
• Long pants
• Closed footwear must be worn. Tennis or hiking shoes are recommended.